Elsa Franco

Fourth Grade Teacher


Welcome to fourth grade! I am Elsa Franco and love teaching elementary students. I have been teaching the 3rd grade English class for 4 years. I love being a teacher at La Fe Preparatory. It is my home away from home and I love everything the school stands for.
A little bit about me, I am passionate about using technology as a tool in my classroom and will be getting my master’s in education specializing in Education Technology in May 2021. I am learning so much and get very excited to incorporate what I learn with my students. I also love being outside and nature. I believe there is a lot of learning that can be done through being outside. I have had some of my past classes have our own gardening bed in the school garden. We have cooked and made some healthy dishes together thanks to La Semilla Food Center. We have gone on walks in our community to see the beautiful murals the community has and have even done some yoga at the beautiful Maggofin House.
It is my greatest pleasure to be part of your child’s life and teach them to be the best world citizens!

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