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Students Will Excel in School

The La Fe Preparatory School is a small campus with students in Pre-Kindergarten – 6th Grade.

DSC03213CLASS SIZE: Small classes of no more than 16 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade classes allow each child to receive individual and personalized attention. 6th through 8th grade classes enroll no more than 20 students.

DUAL LANGUAGE: Students will graduate with the ability to communicate socially, academically, and professionally in both English and Spanish by participating in a dual language immersion program. Developing both languages enhances students’ higher order thinking skills rather than teaching them the simple acquisition of speech and vocabulary in only one language.


CURRICULUM: The curriculum is based on culturally relevant thematic units that assist the children in fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter and help students to develop a personal pride for their city and its culture. The thematic units also aim to introduce the application of classroom material in out-of-class settings.

TECHNOLOGY: Every child has access to state-of-the-art technology including computers, smart boards, and digital projectors.

DSC03247PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Parental involvement in any child’s education is critical. At La Fe Prep, parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer at least 5 hours per month, and attend the monthly Parent Nights. Parents are welcome to participate in all school activities with their children. We want our students to see their parents as leaders, motivating them to succeed and also to be leaders.

Participación de los padres en la educación de cualquier niño es fundamental. En La Fe Prep, los padres se les recomienda a los voluntarios por lo menos 5 horas al mes, y asistir a las Noches de Padres mensuales. Los padres están invitados a participar en todas las actividades de la escuela con sus hijos. Queremos que nuestros estudiantes a ver a sus padres como líderes, motivándolos a tener éxito y también para ser líderes.

EXTENDED YEAR: The La Fe Preparatory School has class one Saturday a month, during which the students go on field trips or participate in community service projects. The students also participate in an exciting three week enrichment program during the summer.

DSC03225 COLLEGE BOUND: At this early age, students understand that they are capable of and expected to attend a four year university. La Fe Prep invites guest speakers from varied professional backgrounds and college students to visit the school and share their experience with our students. La Fe Prep also coordinates a portion of its yearly field trips to visit different departments at the University of Texas.